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 life today. Be free of limiting beliefs and patterns. Realize your dreams now.

Are You Lonely?

Do you want to connect with others but find you can't? Have you had a string of bad relationships?

My Advanced Hypnotherapy® techniques are ideal for women and men who want to make a connection and open their hearts. I am trained in multiple modalities including hypnotherapy, EFT, inner child healing, Reiki and others to help my clients to regain their ability to form loving relationships.

"Thank you for being a healing presence in my life and for teaching me about unconditional love." -T.W. Web, Designer

 You may have had great success with your career, but been challenged with building the kind of relationship that will also bring you joy and love. I love working with individuals who are ready to get to work on themselves. From trauma work to clearing false beliefs to acting as a dating coach on occasion, I help my clients beakthrough to find and form loving relationships.

"I now feel connected, not sad or depressed anymore. I'm confident that I won't repeat my old behavior again. I was so disconnected with myself I didn't understand the future ramifications of my behavior. I feel I'm on solid ground now and I can't be abused, or intimidated, or manipulated any longer by other. I'm not feeling so hurt by others any more." - K.F., Hospital Administrator

By working with me, you'll find your own inner strength so you can feel resilient and supported as you let go of old traumas and behaviors.

"When our sessions ended, I had transformed from a deeply hurt girl into a confident, joyous woman ready to tackle the world. I cannot recommend Barbara enough. She goes the extra mile, both in time and expertise. She is truly a wise woman and I feel blessed to have received her guidance . - J.C., Businesswoman

I know from years of experience with many, many people that there is always hope for someone open to receiving help. You can read Sharon's full story but here's the happy ending: "Sharon is now happily married, they have a beautiful baby and her husband is more in love with her than ever. This is a real life dream come true. It can happen for you, too! Just ask Sharon."

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