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Testimonials 4

"What led me to seek Barbara's counsel was anxiety combined with what I perceived as the absence of authenticity in my life. I was subject to occasional panic attacks, and I felt that I was not honestly showing myself to the "intimates" in my life: wife, son, friends, and clients."

"Two things impressed me initially about Barbara: her style and her ability to "read" me. With reference to style, I felt immediately comfortable in Barbara's presence; she is kind and accepting without being a pushover. I felt that it took her very little time to understand who I was and what I needed to make changes."

"I must admit that I was sceptical at first about the energy work that Barbara does to reveal where the traumas lie. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I was soon convinced she was on to something profound. I found that my body held all the knowledge I needed to understand where I hurt and how I needed to heal. Barbara's methodology unleashed the information that was stored up in me."

"I am a therapy "veteran;" I have been aware for years of the pain that I and my siblings endured in childhood, and of the fear I had of my mother. I appreciate and respect the work that earlier therapists did with me. I must say, however, that Barbara took the process one vitally important step further. It is one thing to understand the pain and chaos of childhood and to feel the feelings: it is something different and greater to take concrete steps to de-fang the demons. Barbara's process of muscle testing and energy work, combined with her common sense wisdom, led to real progress for me."

"I worry less than I used to; Barbara helped me realize that my anxiety was a "left-over" product of childhood. While it certainly made sense as a child to be "on guard" against my mother, I don't need this level of vigilance in my adult life. The people to whom I'm closest are now seeing me as I am, and they are seeing a happier me."

"Barbara's techniques for rooting out trauma, and her kind wisdom, were of inestimable value to me. I recommend her unreservedly."

--B.Z., Non-profit Consultant


Advanced Hypnotherapy works!


"My experiences with Barbara have been, in a phrase, life changing. I attended therapy sessions with Barbara both for myself and for marriage counseling with my husband. In every session, Barbara was attentive, engaged, warm, concerned and genuinely caring. I never had the sensation that the clock was ticking, as I have had with other therapists. We stayed and worked on whatever the issue of the day was until it was cleared, or at the very least until I had reached some place of resolution, peace and understanding with it."

"When I went into therapy with Barbara, I hurt so badly on the inside that I was afraid I might never heal. I had experienced years of emotional abuse from others and myself, and I felt like one big raw wound. I had covered up well for others, but I knew I was at a crossroads in my life. If I wanted to live the life of my dreams, it was time to face up to things that were very difficult for me to do--and I couldn't do it alone."

"From our first Advanced Hypnotherapy® session, I felt I was in competent, loving hands that would expertly guide me along my healing path. In each session, with Barbara's assistance, I would cleanse the wounds and reinterpret my stories so that I could see that not only myself but also those around me had done the best they could."

"When our sessions ended, I had transformed from a deeply hurt girl into a confident, joyous woman ready and able to tackle the world. I cannot recommend Barbara enough. She goes the extra mile, both in time and expertise. She is truly a wise woman and I feel blessed to have received her guidance."

--J.C., Businesswoman


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