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Testimonials 3

"Because of Barbara's therapy, I feel I can do things, for the first time in my life that I could never do before. I feel genuine self-love and happy inside. I feel an inner strength I never felt before. I also feel more centered and balanced, loving and open to others. I can even see that pain and challenges help us grow."

I see some of the old negative places that are still there but I don't feel the same draw to come to them. For the first time in my life I feel really alive and loved, as if I'm being re-born inside."

--L.E., Administrator


Advanced Hypnotherapy works!


"I had the back surgery. Two at once. I think your pre-surgical hypnosis was wonderful.  I really healed fast after the surgery and that's why they let me out of the hospital so fast. In just a week. Thank you so much."

--N.B., Software Developer


"I am gaining back my power. I can access the memories from a position of control. I can feel the feelings safely and have a sense of control over memories that were overwhelming."

--E.O., Student


"I now feel connected, not sad or depressed anymore. I'm confident that I won't repeat my old behavior again. I was so disconnected with myself I didn't understand the future ramifications of my behavior."

"I can now set proper boundaries with people and deflect what doesn't feel good without emotionality."

"Things feel healed. I'm not afraid of what life sends me. I can handle it. I feel comfortable with myself and confident. Even joyous and centered instead of careless and afraid. I feel I'm on solid ground now and I can't be abused or intimidated or manipulated any longer by others. I'm not feeling so hurt by others' any more."

"I can feel who I am in the center of me. Before I didn't know how to find myself inside. I am now confident to follow my heart and do what I want to do for me."

--K.F., Hospital Administrator


"Barbara, I came in to see you yesterday for the first time, and I just wanted to say "Thank you! I got up this morning and started writing(!) -- and so far so good with silencing that inner-critic!"

"Prior to the appointment I was really dreading the idea of getting all of my emotional issues stirred up during the session. I'm overjoyed to report that I walked out of your office feeling more positive and at peace with myself than when I went in. That's a definite first after any type of therapy appointment!"

"I look forward to all that we will accomplish in future Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions."

--Karen Athey-Bradley, Novelist


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