Congratulations! You have arrived at your healing destination. Transform your
 life today. Be free of limiting beliefs and patterns. Realize your dreams now.


"I have found Barbara to be extremely kind and insightful. She was always accommodating to my needs and concerns, listening to what it was I wanted for myself. And I knew she genuinely wanted the best for me."

"By working with Barbara, I was able to more accurately see what was causing the difficulties I was experiencing in my relationships at home and at work. We successfully set about directly transforming the beliefs and experiences that caused these problems."

"The most interesting thing is that I'm in a new relationship and actually moving beyond thresholds where I've been held back before. Instead of the familiar fear or dread, I'm experiencing a sense of adventure instead."

"I've experienced lots of other therapies over the years. Though I've found it all beneficial, I am much more inclined to advise people to choose an approach focused directly on transformation and actual change, such as Advanced Hypnotherapy®."

--Michael, Senior Manager


Advanced Hypnotherapy works!


"For the first time in years, I'm free." --L.E., former phobia sufferer.

"I feel like I've been let out of prison." --J.S., former multi-phobia sufferer


"Barbara, You have helped me change my life. I am so grateful that I found you! Life can sometimes be a long hard road, but your gift for smoothing out the big bumps is a true miracle. Because of your wonderful help I feel whole, happy and eager to face life again. Thank you so very much."

--K.S., Hospital Administrator


"I really appreciate your insight and your ability to get to the heart of the matter. It's always a comfort and a revelation to talk with you.

--B.Z., Business Consultant


"Barbara's deep understanding of the spiritual nature of life and relationships and her wisdom, integrity and compassion make it safe for me to trust her as a guide in my life."

--S.D., Writer, Musician


"You saved my marriage! We both love you." --L.E., Entrepreneur


 "The gains I have made in my self-esteem and sense of being a whole and validated person are enormous. I never believed I could have learned so much about self-empowerment. Now I know that my needs and wants are no less important than those of others. Advanced Hypnotherapy® is wonderful."

"I am beginning for the first time to think as an independent person who is planning for the future and actively pursuing goals that will bring personal satisfaction and happiness."

"I feel confident about moving ahead in directions which will lead to greater fulfillment than I ever thought possible."

--P.V., Teacher


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