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Testimonials 2

"What can anyone say to a person who has helped change their life?  Barbara, you have not allowed yourself to fall into a comfortable pattern of just one type of therapy for your patient. Rather, you employ many different types of therapies ranging from talk to hypnotherapy to leading edge procedures designed to accomplish insight and healing."

"You are always very interested in me as your patient and you never forget names or events even if they were mentioned only once several sessions ago. You have the ability to quickly get to the root of a problem however deeply embedded it may be and explain why it occurred and how you are going to make it a non-event."

"You have helped me understand the many factors which have influenced my life and which have made me who I am today while promoting my healing. You have always been compassionate, interesting, insightful, at times funny and always a good friend."

"So, thank you Barbara. Thank you for helping me get free from the script which was written for me as a child. A script which ceased to work a long time ago. Thank you."

--J.S., Airline Pilot


Advanced Hypnotherapy works!


"Thank you for being a healing presence in my life and for teaching me about unconditional love." --T.W. Web Designer

"I haven't had a cigarette since last I saw you. My most sincere and profound thanks for your help in kicking a twenty year habit."  --R.V.G., Artist

"Through your practice of Advanced Hypnotherapy, my life has dramatically changed. I no longer dwell in the past, but am living in the present and looking forward to my future."

"Feelings of jealousy, low self-esteem and helplessness had literally run my life. Hypnotherapy went to the root source of my problem and helped me to purge the unwanted feelings. I no longer have a negative outlook on life, but a positive one instead."

"P.S. I have gone down from 155 lbs. to 135 lbs. effortlessly. Thank you for all you have done."

--(Name withheld)


 "I would like to say that I very much appreciate our work together. You are a terrific listener and witness. I no longer feel stuck in childhood trauma and have a clearer sense of self as a result of our work together."

"I would definitely recommend this work to others."

"Again, Barbara, thank you very very much for being there with me. Your support has been invaluable."

--Christine J., Fine Artist 


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