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Healing Your Core: Finding Your True Self

By Barbara Lynn Allen

There is a deep core of wholeness within each of us. Like a tree or a plant growing towards the sun, we know intuitively what we need in order to thrive. Our basic human goodness, inner strength and deepest being reside within our inner core, even if we can't always feel it or find it.

Our essential wholeness can be damaged or even shattered by abuse, trauma, neglect, drugs, alcohol, dysfunctional family relationships. We experience that shattering as low self-esteem, unsatisfying, dysfunctional or abusive relationships, addictions, overeating, workaholism, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, obsessions and/or compulsions. We feel bad, sad, unfulfilled. Sometimes we try as hard as we can and we still can't change these patterns. We need to heal but we don't even know what healing is, what it means or how it can happen.

Healing, in it's truest sense, is the unwinding and releasing of the emotional residue of painful and difficult experiences that are still residing within us and holding our suffering in place. While we are in this frozen state we cannot find our core or live an authentic life or realize our dreams. Our unconscious negative beliefs force us into old patterns again and again.

We become like a tree attempting to put out green shoots of new growth while thick vines surround the core, choking off the new growth, smothering the new green shoots. The new life is suffocated before it has a chance to develop. We may try to form healthy relationships, rise to new challenges in our work, overcome entrenched patterns, but something always seems not quite right.

The new, leading edge therapies like hypnotherapy and energy therapy in combination, gently and carefully open and clear those frozen places inside, so we can allow light, love and most of all life to return to these dead, painful parts within us. As these new approaches allow our patterns to safely dissolve, our behavior, our beliefs and our feelings change. Our lives become fulfilling and rich with satisfaction, the way we always dreamed and hoped they would be.

Imagine what it would be like to live your own authentic life. For the first time you live your life with healthy satisfying relationships, you're free from anxiety, from depression or compulsions. Healing means finally being present in your own creative experience of life. healing means having real choices. Choices that further your own inner fulfillment and the realization of your deepest dreams.

Healing means that we are finally free. As we authentically fulfill our own dreams, we become part of life, we become a beacon of love for others, and we automatically contribute to the healing of our loved ones and our communities and even beyond that.


Copyright © 2015 Barbara Lynn Allen