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Finding Your True Path In Times Of  Uncertainty: Discovering the Strength to Change.

By Barbara Lynn Allen

In these times of rapid change it feels as if the ground is shifting beneath us, and new realities are still unformed. But it is in these times that we have the opportunity to make significant changes in our lives, We can, if we choose, let go of unsatisfying patterns of the past as we discover what is possible in the present.

Now is the time to ask yourself: "Am I stuck in the past, or am I moving into the future?" Sometimes we simply don't know where we are. Neither past solutions nor future choices seem clear, and the uncertainty is distressing and can feel treacherous, like walking on thin ice.

Many of my clients are feeling the tension between past and future.  They're eager to go forward but need guidance to find a clear direction. Some might prefer to stay in their familiar patterns, but there is really no past to which they can retreat because all we have to work with is the present.

We can stay anchored in the familiar past, even if we're not happy there. But at what price? Depression, anxiety, phobias, loneliness?

It may feel unsettling at first to let go of the tethers of old attachment and beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious. We might feel better after receiving a little therapy. But then we begin to question the changes occurring. And because in the transition between old and new there exists an unknown space, we say to ourselves, "If I change maybe I'll lose the person I thought I was;" not seeing the opportunity we've created to shape a new vision of our life and identity.

My clients sometimes ask me, "If I change what will the new me be like?" I explain to them that as you heal, who you are doesn't fundamentally change, but your ability to manage your life improves dramatically and your self-esteem goes up. If you're lonely you find love. If you're sad and depressed you feel better. If you're overwhelmed with fears and anxieties you stop feeling afraid and start making better life choices.

For over twenty years I've been helping people change their lives with a unique combination of hypnotherapy and energy clearing to release fears and strengthen access to their own wisdom. I've found that when people experience the guidance they need to find their own true path, they discover in retrospect that the only thing holding them back was simply their fear of change.

In difficult times like these, we need access to our own inner strength and wisdom. And sometimes we need a professional expert to guide us past our blocks to getting there.

If you're dissatisfied with your life, hypnotherapy can help you access your deep inner wisdom; energy healing can rapidly and gently clear old blocks, trauma and negative beliefs; compassionate, skillful counseling can assist to clarify and strengthen your sense of certainty, your new positive beliefs and your sense of direction.

If your relationships, career, family or emotional life are no longer working, perhaps a proven alternative approach is part of the solution for you now.


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